Dumbledore To Return In Fantastic Beasts 2

It looks like Dumbledore has put his own name in the Goblet of Fire - or, at least, the character pool for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2. When J.K. Rowling confirmed she was working on a new Harry Potter film franchise, fans wondered whether she would bring back Albus Dumbledore. Apparently, their speculation was spot-on. In an exclusive report, ScreenRant has confirmed that the Hogwarts Headmaster will return to the big screen in the Fantastic Beasts sequel.

The site is reporting that director David Yates confirmed Dumbledore's appearance in the Fantastic Beasts sequel. Currently, casting is underway for the role, and fans are already anxiously selecting which British actors they'd like to see take on the role.

Apparently, Colin Firth is a top contender for Potterheads around the world.

During a roundtable, Yates also confirmed that Newt Scamander will formally return for the sequel. Most fans had assumed this was the case, but Harry Potter fans are certainly glad to hear the news. The director even teased that Scamander would share a few scenes with Dumbledore.

"In the second movie Dumbledore comes back," he said. "He's got a couple of good scenes with Newt...We're discussing who would play Dumbledore, any suggestions would be good."

This announcement comes shortly after news broke of Johnny Depp's involvement with Fantastic Beasts. Deadline reported that the acclaimed actor joined the franchise in a yet named role. According to the site, Depp will co-star in the film alongside Eddie Redmayne who is set to reprise his role as Newt Scamander. So far, there is no official word on who Depp will be playing, and fans likely won't hear about his role until Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them drops. Deadline has hinted that Depp may cameo briefly in the upcoming film when it debuts November 18th, but there is no source available to corroborate that rumor.

However, Harry Potter fans have a pretty good guess as to who the actor is playing. One popular fan-theory is that Depp has been cast as Gellert Grindelwald, the darkest wizard in wizarding history. Seriously, even Voldemort would shiver at this man-who-should-not-be-named.

So far, there's no official confirmation that Grindelwald will appear in the franchise, but Warner Bros. has been dropping hints about the wizard's debut. Most recently, Ezra Miller appeared in a video from the studio where he teased Grindelwald's inclusion in the film. Fans have also been teased about Grindelwald's presence through character posters of Colin Ferrel's Pervical Graves.

(Photo: Warner Bros. )

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So far, there's no word on who will play the younger Dumbledore. The character, who was born in 1881, would be about 42 years old by 1924. As such, fans are hoping stars like Tom Hiddleston or others may be interested in taking on the iconic wizarding role.


Warner Bros. Pictures has slated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for worldwide release in 2D and 3D in select theatres and IMAX on November 18, 2016.