Tim McGraw Reflects on Quarantine With Faith Hill and Daughters

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently quarantining at home with the younger two of their three [...]

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently quarantining at home with the younger two of their three daughters, both of whom have been missing out on activities that traditionally come with the end of the school year. Speaking with The Boot and other media recently, McGraw shared that his and Hill's oldest daughter, Gracie, remained in California during the coronavirus pandemic, but their 21-year-old daughter Maggie and her boyfriend and their 18-year-old daughter Audrey are at home.

"All the things that would be going on with [Audrey's] senior year, all the stuff that would be happening, we wouldn't be spending that much time with her right now," McGraw said. "We wouldn't have the moments that we had with her this last six or seven weeks, or whatever it's been, to just hang out and be together." The singer added, "Hopefully, one of these days, we'll all look back and think, 'Thank God we have this time together, just to spend and connect,' because she's going to be gone [to college soon]."

McGraw also revealed that he has "taken a few days off more than I usually do" from his infamous fitness routine and has been enjoying his wife's cooking while he's been at home. "Faith makes great fried chicken," he said. "So we've had fried chicken quite a few times during this thing and I make the mashed potatoes." The Louisiana native added that his family has also been revisiting some of their older favorite movies and albums.

In addition to spending time with her family, McGraw and Hill's middle daughter, Maggie, has been helping those in need as the vice president of Feed the Front Line's Nashville chapter. The organization was founded in March 2020 and has raised over $750,000 and delivered close to 50,000 meals to front line workers. FTFL aims to feed essential workers while supporting local restaurants, and Maggie helped to spearhead the organization's Nashville chapter along with 15 other Vanderbilt students, alumni and other local young professionals.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, McGraw praised Maggie's work, telling the host that "she's doing a great job" and that he is "really proud" of her. "She's doing great stuff," he said. McGraw also discussed the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting "I certainly feel for everybody out there that's going through... losing someone and being sick and losing their jobs and stuff. We're inspired so much by seeing these nurses, how hard they work in these hospitals, and my sister was a nurse, it's crazy to see the dedication that the front line workers have."