Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's 'Biggest Disagreements' Revealed

Country singer Tim McGraw says that he and wife Faith Hill sometimes disagree over music and planning concert tours.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have enjoyed a loving marriage for nearly 30 years, but that doesn't mean they always see eye-to-eye. In fact, recently, McGraw opened up and revealed that the "biggest disagreements" they have are around music and touring.

"I mean we're two different artists. We don't always agree, musically. In fact, some of our biggest disagreements come when we're putting a tour together," McGraw shared during an episode of Time Magazine's Person of the Week podcast, as noted by FOX News

"Faith's very type-A," he continued. "I'm a mess. I'll throw clothes everywhere. I mean she's always, constantly on me about picking my clothes up. I mean, I spent 30 years living in a hotel... In and out. So I'm just constantly throwing stuff everywhere and she's like, 'You got to clean up after yourself.'"

(Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

McGraw went on to confess that admits that he has a completely different personality when he's planning and organizing his concert tours. "When I'm putting a show together, I'm very type-A. I want everything right, in the right place at the right time... And Faith wants to free-wheel it a lot. Just because she's so talented. And she [doesn't] want to be constrained. So some of the times, we knock heads a little bit, but we figure it out," he shared. "We always have a great time touring together."

Regardless of their occasional differing perspectives, McGraw says that he and Hill are always there for one another. "She's my biggest fan, I'm her biggest fan," he admitted. "I play music for her all the time... Like I said, we don't always agree. There's songs that I've loved and put on an album that she goes, 'Ah, I don't think I would put that on an album.' And vice versa. There's songs that I've loved that she' didn't record that I thought, 'Man you should've recorded that.'"

McGraw then added, "But she's had enough success that I've been proven wrong so many times that I learned to trust her completely on what she wants to do. And she's learned to trust me on what I want to do."