Thomas Rhett Shares Inspiration Behind Daughter Lennon Love's Name

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins welcomed their third daughter, Lennon Love, in February, and the little one's name has a musical inspiration, according to her dad. Rhett recently told his record label that his wife was the one who led the choice for their two older daughters' names, so when she said he could pick Lennon's name, he instantly knew which direction he wanted to go in.

"Lennon came from John Lennon, from The Beatles," the 30-year-old shared. "I knew I wanted some sort of musical name for our third child, and me and Lauren both loved the name Lennon." As for Lennon's middle name, Rhett revealed that he and Akins were going to go with Louise, but the new choice was made due to their daughter's Feb. 10 birth. "In the hospital one of her friends texted her," he recalled. "She was like, 'Hey, since it's Valentine’s Day, maybe you should name her Lennon Love.' And it kind of started as a joke but kinda became cemented. That’s what we kind of decided in the hospital."

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Lennon joined big sisters Willa Gray, 4, and Ada James, 2, continuing the family's tradition of double names. "Willa came from my mom’s dad, his name is Willard, which translated means innately brave. And so we felt like Willa was a beautiful girl name and also I think we thought it represented kind of her story like you have to be strong to survive what she went through," Rhett told Big Machine in 2017. "And then Gray is short for Lauren’s brother Grayson and we really love Grayson’s personality and we love him so much. We just thought Willa and Gray [fit] really nice together. We’re a huge double name family if you haven’t known."

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As for Ada James, Rhett shared, "Ada James, James comes from my uncle, my dad’s brother his name is James Elias. So James is her middle name and Ada, Lauren said that she had a dream and she kept hearing the name Ada in the dream. And that is why we went with Ada. Pretty random but really cool." Rhett and his family are currently spending time at the beach, and Rhett has shared with fans that he's back in the studio working on new music.