Thomas Rhett Picks His Battles When It Comes to His Daughters' Wardrobe Choices

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are the proud parents of 3-year-old Willa Gray and 1-year-old Ada James. Although his daughters are both young, Rhett and Akins are determined to let their daughters wear what they want, at least most of the time.

"We went and saw Dumbo in the movie theaters," Rhett recalled, via his record label. "Both of our girls had on bright pink Cinderella dresses. I looked at Lauren I was like, 'They're just gonna wear those to the movie theater?' And she was like, 'That's what they wanted to wear.' And you just don't even think about it anymore. You're like 'Yeah, we're going to a nice dinner but Willa Gray wants to wear sweatpants and soccer shorts,' and you're okay. It is what it is. They have their own brain and there's just a lot of things that are just not even worth fighting about."

Rhett's two children keep him busy, but he admits they are already thinking about adding to their family, by quite a few.

"These last couple months have been insane, like, all over the place," Rhett said, via ABC News. "It is very stressful I feel like to travel with your kids and still know that you're waking up at 6 and you're also playing a show at night. So in that aspect I'm going, 'I love my two kids and I'm kind of content.'"

(Photo: Instagram/thomasrhettakins)

Still, the "Remember You Young" singer acknowledges eventually he would likely regret that choice.

"If we stopped having kids now, I know I'd wake up at 45 and go, 'We should have had five more,'" he added. "Because I really do want to be able to sit at a Thanksgiving or Christmas table with the most gigantic family on the planet."

Akins was pregnant with Ada when they adopted Willa from Uganda, making them go from childless to two children in only four months. Because of that, Rhett feels he and Akins could likely handle anything else life handed to them.

"They say that going from one to two is the hardest thing you'll do as a parent," Rhett said. "But going from two to three and maybe four and five, like I'm just gonna embrace it and know that like we can accomplish anything."


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Photo Credit: Getty images / Slaven Vlasic