'The Voice' Coach Blake Shelton Claps Back at Sassy Fan Who Complained About His 'Vocabulary'

The Voice coach Blake Shelton isn't allowing anyone to criticize his speech! Shelton recently [...]

The Voice coach Blake Shelton isn't allowing anyone to criticize his speech! Shelton recently clapped back at a sassy fan who complained about the way Shelton used one word, claiming the word was overused and asking him to stop.

"Someone please tell [Blake] to stop saying 'sis,'" the fan wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted via Country Living, prompting Shelton to reply in his typical, sarcastic response.

"I have received your complaint and I am now digging in to my habitual vocabulary to remove it... " Shelton posted. "But this could take awhile sis."

Later, the fan tweeted a reply, after almost 2000 people chimed in, with most of them supporting Shelton.

"It was a joke," she wrote. "I love Blake, calm down."

"Whew... now we can be friends again!!!!" Shelton commented. "I love you too sis!!!"

Shelton just celebrated Thanksgiving with his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. The couple, who began dating in 2015, after meeting on The Voice, once again brought both of their families together for one big party.

"We all fly out to Oklahoma, like 30 of us," Stefani, 50, told Entertainment Tonight on Monday. "Blake has this bed and breakfast hotel that we all stay at, and it's just pretty incredible. We have fun, we all cook together. It's fun."

"This'll be … I wanna say the fourth [year], but it might be more than that," Shelton continued. "We're taking all the Stefanis and then the Shelton bunch are gonna meet up there and just literally [spend] like, five days away."

Stefani returned to The Voice this season to fill Adam Levine's seat, after the Maroon 5 frontman unexpectedly left the show. Stefani will be replaced next season by Nick Jonas, but at least one contestant on The Voice, Rose Short, predicts a proposal is imminent.

"Let me tell you something: it's coming. They had a moment," Short told Us Weekly. "We were backstage getting ready and she was getting her makeup done. He stopped and it was like — so much going on that nobody saw it but me — but he was standing there and he looked at her like he was so proud. So it's gonna happen."

Photo Credit: Getty / Terry Wyatt