'The Voice': Cassadee Pope Weighs in on Gwen Stefani's Surprising Exit (Exclusive)

Cassadee Pope won Season 3 of The Voice in 2012, when it was still the four original coaches: [...]

Cassadee Pope won Season 3 of The Voice in 2012, when it was still the four original coaches: Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green. Although Pope didn't get to compete in front of Shelton's girlfiend, and current coach, Gwen Stefani, the 30-year-old understands why Stefani made the surprising announcement that she would exit the show after this season.

"I think everybody at some point has to decide either or," Pope acknowledged to PopCulture.com. "I know The Voice is really demanding and there's two seasons a year. I think if you wanna focus on something else and really focus on it full time, that's probably a good decision."

Stefan's reason for her departure is likely at least partly due to her ongoing I'm Just a Girl residency in Las Vegas.

"I think that'd be a little hard to be in Vegas half the time and L.A. the other half shooting The Voice, so that makes sense," Pope conceded.

Stefani came in to replace Adam Levine, with Nick Jonas making his coaching debut next season to replace Stefani. But if The Voice producers need another coach, Pope would love to someday fill that role.

"I feel like I have the experience, obviously of being where they are, so if anybody can give them some advice I think I'd be okay at it," Pope noted. "And since I've been there I also know to be delicate. All the coaches are, but even just the smallest criticism can be world-ending because you're so sensitive on that show, and it's a really hard process. I would be very, very aware of that and I would try my hardest to give constructive criticism that wouldn't make them upset."

Pope just released "I've Been Good," from her recent Stages record, but hints a new project is on the horizon.

"I think I'm gonna release a new record or new music," divulged the singer. "I'm not sure if it's a record, but I've been having a lot of fun writing and accumulating the songs that tell my story as of now. I've been getting with Corey [Crowder], my producer on it, and we're both really excited about that. Hopefully some touring next year. I think it all depends on the record and what I'm doing.

"I definitely do have touring plans," she teased. "It hasn't been announced yet but definitely do have touring plans toward the beginning of the year in a different country, a few different countries. I'm excited to get back out there and tour the world. That's my favorite part of what I do getting to travel."

Updates on Pope's music and schedule can be found on her website as available.

Photo Credit: Getty / Erika Goldring