Shay Mooney's Infant Son Can't Believe His Ears When He Hears Dad Sing

Shay Mooney's infant son, Ames Alexander, recently got a taste of his famous dad's singing and, like many of us, was awed by it. In a video shared on Instagram this week by Mooney's wife, Hannah, baby Ames is tucked up on a couch as his dad begins to serenade him, singing his son's name. As Mooney starts to sing, Ames' face instantly shifts to an expression of complete awe, his tiny mouth forming an "O" and his eyebrows knitting together.

"He says, 'Woah, you're pretty good daddy,'" Mooney said as he took a break from signing to tickle his son. "He couldn't believe it," Hannah said. "He's thinking right now about how he didn't know." "This was my exact reaction when I heard you for the first time babe," she added as Mooney delivered a series of runs. "I went through that exact same roller coaster of emotions the first time I heard daddy sing too." Hannah captioned the clip, "Ames in awe.. I can't stop watching so I thought I would share. He. Couldn't. Believe. Daddy can sing!" Mooney commented with three laughing emojis, while Dan + Shay's account offered three yellow hearts.

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Mooney and Hannah, who married in October 2017, are also parents to 3-year-old son Asher James. Baby Ames was born in February, and Mooney has been able to spend much more time with his new arrival than anticipated due to the coronavirus pandemic, which halted Dan + Shay's The (Arena) Tour after just three shows.

This week, Mooney and bandmate Dan Smyers announced that the majority of their tour will be rescheduled for 2021, with shows set to begin in September of next year and run through December. In a message, the duo thanked their fans "for being so patient while we worked through the rescheduling of the (arena) tour" amid the pandemic.


"We're absolutely crushed that it wasn't able to happen this year, but your safety is more important to us than anything, so we made the difficult decision to move the tour to 2021," they wrote. "Even though it seems like an eternity, the new year will be here before we know it, and we promise it will be worth the wait. we miss you all so much (seriously, more than you even know), and hope that you're staying well in the meantime."