Shawn Johnson and Andrew East Host ‘The Newlywed Game’ With the Aldeans, the Bryans and More

Shawn Johnson and her husband, Andrew East, rounded up a few of their famous friends for a quarantine and country music edition of "The Newlywed Challenge," sharing the hilarious results on YouTube on Thursday, April 23. The Easts held a competition between Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, and Chuck Wicks and his wife, Kasi, who is Jason's sister. The winning couple was able to choose a charity to receive a $1,000 donation from Johnson and East.

"Live from the quarantine from hell," Luke joked when he was introduced alongside Caroline. "We don't have paper here that doesn't have 'Baby Shark' on it or whatever," Brittany said from her and Jason's home in Florida, adding, "We're social distancing so we're using these kiddie boards." Once the game kicked off, questions included "Where was your first kiss?" "Who is your wife's celebrity crush?" and "What emoji does your husband use the most?" as well as questions about binge-watching habits and vacations.

Throughout the thoroughly entertaining 18-minute video, viewers learned that the most obnoxious thing in the Wicks' house is an alligator, the Bryans spend too much money on wine and food, Luke is most likely to go to jail for doing something illegal while hunting, Brittany's go-to late-night snack is candy, Kasi loves shoe shopping, Jason's biggest fear is heights, Caroline loves The Golden Girls and the Browns' favorite place to go is Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Each couple filmed their responses from their respective homes and provided hilarious commentary along with their answers, including the backstory of Jason's favorite emoji and the reason Kane doesn't dislike snakes.

Ultimately, the Aldeans were crowned the victors, scoring 23 points. The Bryans came in second place with 22, the Browns were third with 21 and the Wicks' scored 15. The Easts shared that "The Newlywed Challenge" will be a continuing series on their YouTube channel and subsequent episodes will include couples from other "genres" including The Bachelor, athletes and actors.


"Well... The Newlywed Challenge was... more challenging then I expected!!" Wicks joked on Instagram. "But so much fun!! *Disclaimer Technically we are the only true NewlyWeds on this game sooooooo... ya'll are cheaters!!!" Chuck and Kasi married in Mexico July 2019, while Kane and Katelyn tied the knot in October 2018, Jason and Brittany also had a destination wedding in Mexico in March 2015 and Luke and Caroline wed in Turks and Caicos in December 2006.