Scotty McCreery Just Wants a Little 'You Time' With New Single

Scotty McCreery is back with new music, releasing his single "You Time" on Wednesday, Sept. 23. The song is a biographical one for McCreery, told by a narrator who spends his days on the road but sometimes finds himself wanting to just slow down with his partner for a little "you time." McCreery previously shared that he thought of his wife, Gabi, when writing the track and that the song puts him in a "joyful mood."

"I need a little you time, you time / Red wine sippin' in the moonlinght / Your touch, your skin, your lips kissin' on me all night," the chorus reads. "I ain't tryin' to monopolize your 24/7, 365 / But sometimes I need just a little bit of me and you time." The song was written by McCreery, Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis and is the first single from McCreery's upcoming fifth studio album, which has not yet been announced. The American Idol winner also released the music video for the song on Wednesday, which features clips of McCreery in the recording studio working on the track.

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"Our neighbor would always crack up because he’d see me flying in, coming back from the road and Gabi would be driving out and we’d kiss each other hello and goodbye at the same time and that was our interaction for a lot of that year," McCreery told Taste of Country of the inspiration behind "You Time."

He also shared that his wife is his best sounding board when it comes to new music. "She’s honest," he said. "She’ll tell me if she loves it… or there’s been plenty more times where she’s kind of like, 'Well, that’s not your best. Try again tomorrow.'"


The 26-year-old's upcoming album will follow 2018's Seasons Change, which gave McCreery three No. 1 songs — "In Between," "This Is It" and "Five More Minutes." One of the songs on the new project, "Small Town Story," has already gotten a critique from Gabi.

"One of the lines of the record talks about blue eyes, and she’s like, 'You know I got hazel eyes,'" McCreery recalled. "I was like, 'Yeah, but hazel doesn’t sound good in this line right here.'"