Scotty McCreery Talks Life as a Married Man

Scotty McCreery tied the knot with longtime love Gabi Dugal in June, and the two have since been enjoying their lives as newlyweds, spending time in Bora Bora during their honeymoon and returning to the home they share in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Dugal works as a nurse.

Something new for the couple since their wedding is the fact that they now live together, which McCreery told PEOPLE was a nice process for them.

"I love the fact that we didn't live together before," he says. "It's not like we just got married and then went back to our home. I've enjoyed the process of moving her stuff and getting my stuff and making a house a home, and it's very homey right now, which to me is awesome."

The "Five More Minutes" singer added that the couple has easily settled into life under the same roof.

"I've folded laundry. She's folded laundry," McCreery shared. "I've done the dishes. She's done the dishes. Nobody has a role. If we see something that needs to be done, we just do it."

Another change is the abundance of personalized items they now own thanks to their wedding guests.

"We have a McCreery cutting board," he revealed. "We have a McCreery clock. We have a McCreery lazy Susan. If you walk in the house, you're not going to wonder who the heck lives there."

He did note, however, that his wife's tastes in television don't exactly line up with his own.

"The Disney Channel, The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise," he said. "Bachelor in Paradise … That's horrendous, horrendous television. Terrible."

McCreery added that another perk of being married is being able to call Dugal "my wife."

"I'm really enjoying saying that," he said.

Fans were able to take a peek inside the pair's wedding thanks to McCreery's video for "This Is It," which he wrote ahead of proposing to Dugal and sang for her at their wedding reception.

"It was special," he said of that moment. "At the last chorus, when I said, 'if ever there was a time for a perfect kiss,' I leaned in and gave her a big, old, fat one, and it was good. … Couldn't ask for a better day."

The song's video features clips from their rehearsal dinner and wedding, and McCreery knew that the song called for a personal touch.


"I just couldn't wrap my head around actors or somebody portraying that song," he explained. "For the emotion to be captured, I knew it had to be the wedding."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @gabimccreery