New Details on Country Singer and Family Murdered in Bloody 'Ambush'

The latest information highlights a possible motivation behind the slayings.

Authorities are desperate for answers after popular Tejano and country musician Kevin Hernandez was gunned down alongside his family in an apparent assassination in Mexico. According to Click2Houston, Hernandez and his family were riddled with over 150 bullets in an alleged ambush assassination, killing the singer and his wife at the scene and sending others to the hospital.

Hernandez hails from El Paso and was on a tour of Chihuahua, Mexico when the alleged ambush happened. The Chevy Malibu truck driven by the singer and his family was hit with at least 150 bullets. Chihuahua Southern District State Attorney General Juan Portillo spoke to the media after the slayings, updating with details on potential suspects. "We have more or less identified what the people (who murdered the singer and his family) do and the cartel they could belong to," Portillo said. "As a result of the investigations, we can assure that at least two people were involved in these events."

According to The Sun, Hernandez and his wife, Marisela Sandoval, were pronounced dead at the scene, while the couple's 17-year-old son died from gunshot wounds in the hospital the following day and the 14-year-old soon followed. The couple's 4-year-old and the family's maternal grandmother were left critically injured and rushed to the hospital. According to The Daily Mail, hitmen reportedly arrived at the hospital the grandmother had been taken to but she had been transferred before they arrived.

On the heels of the massacre, Hernandez's final song was released. The song, "If God Takes Me With Him," seems to hint that the singer's final moments were on Hernandez's mind at the very least. "If God takes me with him you should not feel afraid, I will be protecting you, I will follow your steps, because this love is eternal," the lyrics for the song read, according to the outlet.

Many Tejano and Mexican singers have faced threats from cartels in the past. Mexican artist Peso Pluma was threatened ahead of a concert in Tijuana near the end of 2023. He would cancel the concert after the death threats due to his lyrics featuring praise for incarcerated drug lord El Chapo, according to the LA Times.

According to the Mirror, police are looking into a possible connection to a horse racing business owned by Hernandez's wife. She took control of the business after her former husband, Ezequiel Ramirez, was murdered in 2015. Could Hernandez's music career have less to do with the murder than previously reported?