Miranda Lambert Celebrates National Mutt Day With Adorable Photos of Her 9 Dogs

Miranda Lambert is already an outspoken animal lover, so it makes sense that she would celebrate National Mutt Day by sharing photos of her nine dogs. Lambert, whose MuttNation Foundation promotes adoption of rescue animals, used several black and white photos to show off her menagerie.

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"Happy National Mutt Day y'all," Lambert posted on social media. "Honestly when I search 'dog' in my phone 1,396 pictures come up. (Not to mention horses, kitties and bunnies). [Dog mom] [9 dogs] [animal mom][Muttnation]."

Lambert previously opened up to PopCulture.com about her MuttNation Foundation, and why the cause was so important, and personal, to her.

"We have our hand in everything," Lambert said. "The Fill the Red Wagon is at the shows in the markets that I play in. People bring supplies for shelters, donations of any kind, dog food, blankets, toys. And it's really cool because it benefits the local shelter in that town and I get to meet the shelter people. People are always like, 'How can I help if I can't donate?' Basically, it's getting involved in your local shelters in your own community.

"Volunteering your time is priceless, really," she continued. "Giving the dogs human contact time really increases their chances of adoption."

Lambert started MuttNation in 2009 with her mother, Beverly, and has already found hundreds of animals homes and donated large amounts of money to shelters all over the country, but the "It All Comes Out in the Wash" singer is just beginning.

"We've done so much, but I also feel like we're just getting started," Lambert said. "I feel like there's so much more ahead of us. We've been able to help with natural disasters, and help shelters renovate. We kind of have our hand in everything, and that's why I wanted to start it, because we wanted to control where the money that we raised would go."

Lambert is proud to use her fame and notoriety to help a cause that she is so passionate about.


"When you finally get to place in your career where people are paying attention, you have to decide what you want to use your platform for," said the singer. "I just knew right away it was gonna be dogs — I've grown up with dogs my whole life and strays and people just dumping them off — I grew up in the country."

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rick Diamond