Miranda Lambert on Marriage to Brendan McLoughlin: 'I'm Smiling Again'

It's been one year of wedded bliss for Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin, and likely a lifetime to go. The singer just celebrated her first anniversary with the New York City police officer, and admits she is happier than she has been in a long, long time. Lambert, who has made a living singing love gone wrong songs like "Gunpowder & Lead," "Vice" and more, admits that those songs are not a reflection of her current emotional status, at least not any more.

"My truth is a lot happier," Lambert told AZ Central. "And I'm hoping that's also encouraging people that have gone through something hard or are going through something hard and painful. Like, look, I'm smiling again. You will live. It actually all does come out in the wash."

The 36-year-old is happy to be happy again, even if that might make writing heartbreak songs –– something her fans have come to expect from her –– more challenging.

"I think sometimes it makes it harder," Lambert admitted.. "If I'm going through something, they know it because No. 1, I write about it. And No. 2, you can see it on my face. When I'm up there, when I was having a kind of dark time in my life, I just tell the crowd, 'I'm sorry, y'all, I'm having a rough one.' I'd rather be honest. I mean, I've based my whole career on being honest."

The dark time came out in Lambert's former The Weight of These Wings record, written while she was recovering from her highly-publicized divorce from Blake Shelton.

"I'm so proud of The Weight of These Wings," Lambert said. "I needed to make that record. And I know that the people that needed to hear it heard it. That's all you can ask for as a songwriter. But it's also like, 'All right. Did that. Got through it. Next.'"

The Weight of These Wings was an important personal record for Lambert, but only one small chapter in her expansive career. Now, she is happy to be singing happy songs, especially while on her Wildcard Tour.


"You know, people are there to forget their troubles and party and have a great time," Lambert acknowledged. "And I do have some really faithful fans who want to hear all of them — a new (song), a ballad, whatever it is. But The Weight of These Wings was very ballad-heavy and pretty heavy lyrically. So I needed to lighten up a bit. That was important to me on this record."

Photo Credit: Getty /Jason Kempin