Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall Announce Upcoming 'The Marfa Tapes' Film

Ahead of the May 7 release of their album The Marfa Tapes, Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall have announced The Marfa Tapes Film, a documentary that will arrive one day after the record does. Lambert wrote on Instagram that the movie is "a really raw and intimate journey through the making of our record" and will premiere Saturday, May 8 at 7 p.m. ET on her Facebook page.

A trailer for the documentary begins with Lambert singing while reading from a notebook and continues with footage of the three collaborators filming each other and laughing amid the wide-open expanse of Marfa, Texas. "I think you just let your guard down out here a little bit," Lambert says in a voiceover. "I think you feel safe, like you're free to be you and sort of take a deep breath and just sit and listen to the wind. Once everything that's in your life that bogs you down leaves for a second, and you're a songwriter, then you finally go, 'Oh, I might be hearing some melody, I might be hearing some words.' It's rare that we slow down enough to give it space and time."

The Marfa Tapes Film will include performances of songs from the album, interviews with Lambert, Ingram and Randall, and other footage from the project's recording process, which took place during a five-day stretch in Marfa in November 2020. The documentary will only be available to view for 24 hours.

"I’ll never forget pulling into Marfa that first night at 4 a.m.," Lambert previously said in a statement. "The stars were like nothing I’d ever seen before, just this endless blanket hanging so low you could reach up and touch them. I immediately understood why this place was so special."


Lambert, Ingram and Randall have already released a number of songs from The Marfa Tapes including "In His Arms," "Am I Right or Amarillo," "Anchor" and "Geraldene," as well as a recording of Lambert's 2016 single "Tin Man." See the album's full track list below.

1. "In His Arms"
2. "I Don't Like It"
3. "The Wind's Just Gonna Blow"
4. "Am I Right or Amarillo"
5. "Waxahachie"
6. "Homegrown Tomatoes"
7. "Breaking a Heart"
8. "Ghost"
9. "Geraldene
10. "We'll Always Have the Blues"
11. "Tin Man"
12. "Two Step Down to Texas"
13. "Anchor"
14. "Tequila Does"
15. "Amazing Grace (West Texas)"