Mike Fisher Pranked Carrie Underwood With a Train Horn

Mike Fisher took advantage of his wife Carrie Underwood's love of the outdoors for a recent prank, documenting the moment on Instagram to give his followers a laugh. The former NHL player posted a video of Underwood and nutritionist Cara Clark walking next to a fence on the side of the road, both women unaware as Fisher drove up behind them.

He honked a horn that sounded like a train, which made Clark jump and turn around, seemingly exclaiming, "Oh my gosh!" Underwood shrugged her shoulders and paused before turning toward the car, throwing her hands down and laughing incredulously Driving closer, Fisher laughed and declared, "We got them!" He added in his caption, "That there is funny!!"

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Underwood commented, "I wish I could 'like' this...but alas, I cannot." Clark called Fisher out and wrote, "I see you deleted your commentary [laughing emojis] you better watch your back." Underwood also replied to one fan who was wondering what she said to her husband after the horn, writing, "Pretty sure it was 'mother of pearl.' A standard Carrie curse word replacement phrase..." Clark confirmed, "it was mother of pearl!"

The prank is similar to one Luke Bryan pulled on his wife, Caroline, last year when he drove up behind her as she was riding her bike and honked a train horn, which surprised Caroline so much she fell off her bike and onto the grass. Fisher's video was likely taken on his and Underwood's expansive property outside of Nashville, which includes a farm with several animals. The family's most recent additions were two cows that Fisher bought Underwood for Christmas last year and was named Brownie and Oreo by the couple's older son, 5-year-old Isaiah.

"My husband said, 'what would you like for Christmas' and I said 'I would like cows. Just for pets, you know," Underwood told media, via Country Now. "He went and got me a couple of cows. They're good!" She added, "I mean, I love animals. Cows are probably my favorite animal because I grew up with them and I think they just have such personalities and I just can't wait to really get to know ours."


The Grammy winner shared that she thinks the family's next animal addition will be donkeys, "because they're good to have as far as, like, coyotes go on the farm, so I think that's probably our next thing on the list. And I feel like we can just keep getting more and more chickens!"