Mickey Guyton Emotionally Reveals Son Dealing With Mystery Illness in ICU

Mickey Guyton is calling on the prayers of her fans amid a dire family emergency. The country star took to her Twitter account in the wake of her son's hospitalization. "I normally don't do this but my son is being sent to the ICU. The doctors don't know what's wrong. Please please pray," she tweeted. Guyton gave birth back in January and has been riding high all year, making the chilling reveal troubling to say the least.

Just a week ago, Guyton was on a high as the Huff Post featured her in a post about Black women making their mark in country music. Guyton signed to Capitol Nashville in 2011, making her the only Black woman at the time on a major country label. A journey more ten years in the making, Guyton hit it big with "Better Than You Left Me" in 2015. She's become a country singing staple since. 

In a time of racial uproar amid Black Lives Matter protests following police brutality against unarmed Black and brown men and women, Guyton released a snippet of her single "Black Like Me" on Instagram, garnering over 8,000 views. Spotify contacted her team asking for the completed version. It was later added to the Hot Country playlist. The song now has over 8 million streams on the music streaming platform.

"It's a really weird feeling," she told the outlet. You try so hard at something and then you finally come to grips with the fact that it's probably not going to happen for you, then it does. It happens at a time where there is so much pain," Guyton said. "I didn't write this song for this moment. I wrote this song before this moment, for Black people in country music and for Black people in America in general. This is out of my own frustration."


Despite many labeling her as country music's Black golden child, she refuses to be pigeonholed. "For the longest time, before this moment happened for me, I was trying to prove that I was just a country singer that loved country music. I was told to not even focus on the Black part of me, but that's who I am," Guyton said "It's not a pigeonhole at all to me, and I am trying to normalize it as much as possible. How I normalize it is by opening the door for other Black women, especially in country music."