Mickey Guyton Reveals She's Having a Baby Boy

Mickey Guyton is currently pregnant with her first child, and the country singer shared with PEOPLE that she and husband Grant Savoy are expecting a baby boy. "This baby is an absolute miracle," Guyton said, adding that she has concerns about raising a Black son in America.

"I've seen racial injustice happen to my husband," she said. "I've had a 'Karen' falsely make claims against him and say some of the most heinous things, like the N-word. I'm growing this Black child in my belly that is going to have to face this. I pray for him." Guyton added that she wants her son to be able to choose who he wants to be. "I just want this baby to just have its own life and have its own choices, and I will accept this baby for who or whatever it chooses to be," she shared. "I just want to support it in every way that I can."

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The 37-year-old discovered she was pregnant this summer just days after she released "Black Like Me," which she wrote in response to the racial injustice happening in the country, including the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police.

"I was just a complete deer in the headlights and completely shocked and terrified and scared," she recalled. "In my mind, as a woman in the music industry, you think, 'Oh, I can't be pregnant and have a career. I can't be a mom and have a career.' I thought those things. I had to just completely do some deprogramming in my mind and realize that we all deserve happiness and we all deserve a family."


Guyton first announced her pregnancy in August, shortly before she performed her song "What Are You Gonna Tell Her?" at the ACM Awards last month, becoming the first Black female artist to perform her own material solo during the show. The song addresses gender inequality, and Guyton shared that she will now be "fighting more than ever" for causes that are important to her.

"Now that people are listening, I'm telling you: Not only is there discrimination happening to Black people, there's discrimination happening to white women within this country music industry that we need to address," she said, referencing data stating that female artists accounted for just 10 percent of radio airplay in 2019. "It's so important to bring diversity and inclusion."