Maren Morris Releases New Songs 'Just for Now' and 'Takes Two'

On Friday, Maren Morris gifted fans with two new songs, "Just for Now" and "Takes Two." Previously unheard by fans, both tracks were collected from the singer's vast archive of songs. Morris wrote on social media last week that her 2019 album GIRL has been out for over one year and the time since has been "one of the most transformative periods" of her life, and in her time off the road she decided to "polish up" the two old songs.

"Just for Now" was written by Morris, her husband, Ryan Hurd, and the late songwriter and producer busbee and was recorded during sessions for Morris' debut studio album, Hero. The song is a contemplation of a meaningful relationship that might be "just for now" or could potentially evolve into something more. "Takes Two," a sultry declaration for behind closed doors, was written by Morris, Sarah Aarons and Greg Kurstin and was recorded during sessions for GIRL.

After one fan complimented Morris on the artwork for the two tracks, which features the singer standing serenely and washed in muted tones, the Texas native revealed that the photo shoot for the release was done in her garage and that she had done her own hair and makeup. "We literally took these in my garage and I did my own glam," she wrote. Morris followed that message with a video from the shoot, which was lit with the light reflecting off a crystal.

On Friday, Morris celebrating the songs' release with a video of herself driving in the car with her and Hurd's infant son, Hayes, in the backseat. "Hayes, the pop station's playing your mom," she said in a Minnesota accent. "Your mom's a pop star!"


"I'm not like a regular mom," Morris captioned the clip, quoting Mean Girls. When fans complimented her accent, the 30-year-old responded, "I'm around a lot of Michiganders." "ohhhh just bring yer hotdish over!" she replied to another fan. Michigan is Hurd's home state.

Hayes was born in March, and Hurd recently told E! News that his son is "doing really well." "We're figuring out how to be a family of three and that's really fun and exciting," he shared. "We've just been really blessed to have this time at home. It's been fun to figure it out."