Maren Morris Recalls Finding out She Was Pregnant: 'I Couldn't Think About Anything Else'

When Maren Morris found out she was pregnant, she was home alone and on her way to a writing session. The Texas native recalls the moment she found out she was with child, and how she spent the rest of the day, including the surprising way she told her husband, Ryan Hurd.

"I wrote a song — I had a co-write the day that I took the pregnancy test," Morris recalled to Taste of Country. "I couldn't think about anything else, so I have a song that I wrote about it. I'm sure there'll be more as I continue writing."

Hurd wasn't with Morris when she took the pregnancy test, so she had to tell him on the phone that he was going to be a dad.

"I told him first," Morris said. "I called, because I was on my way to the write, and he was at like a fitting or something. But luckily we were both in town so we could celebrate that night. We were so excited."

Morris previously recalled the day she found out she was pregnant, and hinted that motherhood would likely influence her future writing, even after her son is born.

"I would assume that when I go into the writing room the next time, I'll be writing what's on my heart," Morris told and other media. "This little guy might be a big source of inspiration ... I had to write the day that I found out I was pregnant, and I will say, I was writing with the Love Junkies. They were the first people I told after I told Ryan, and they were just so excited. They're all mothers. And so we wrote a little song like to kind of commemorate the news. It might end up on the new record. Who knows?"

Morris recently showed off a sonogram of their future son who appeared to be waving, which was a pivotal moment for Morris in her pregnancy.

"The last time that we saw him on an ultrasound, he was like the size of a peanut, so now that we're halfway to my due date, it just feels way more real in a physical sense," Morris explained. "It was almost like he waved at me 'Good luck.'"


"It choked us up because it was like, oh my God, he's actually moving in there," she continued, adding, "It's a person, and we're just so excited to meet him."

Photo Credit: Getty / Image Group LA