Maren Morris Marks 10th Anniversary of Life-Changing Decision

Maren Morris recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of a momentous occasion. On Instagram, Morris celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her move to Nashville. As she noted in the caption, she's come a long way since she set out to achieve her dream of becoming a country artist in the Music City

Morris posted a photo of herself and a family member on the day of her move ten years ago. She also included a recent video of herself singing on stage to show just how far she's come since that fateful day. The "My Church" singer began her caption, "10 years ago, I packed up the u-haul with a dream and a healthy dose of delusion, moved into a Craigslist place with two roommates I didn't know, and hustled to get into any writing room I could. 10 years later, I'm still driving circles around this town."

Ten years after the move, her life obviously looks a lot "different." She noted that she learned more than a few "lessons" along the way and that she wishes that she could tell her younger self that everything would work out. Morris wrote, "Today this dream looks a lot different than the one I packed up with. A lot of miracles and a lot more lessons than I cared to learn, but it has a pretty patina that makes it mine. I want to give my younger self a hug and say 'Brace yourself, bitch. It's gonna get weird but you're gonna be so proud.'"

Looking ahead to the next ten years of her life, Morris is, of course, expecting things to look "even more different." She is looking forward to being "Happier, untethered and more lived in. I'm excited to know her. Happy ten years, Nashville." Morris has certainly made a name for herself in the country music industry ever since she moved to Nashville in 2013. As PEOPLE reported, she rose to fame thanks to her Grammy-winning song "My Church," which was the lead single on her 2016 album, Hero. She also rose to acclaim after her collaboration with Zedd and Grey, "The Middle," was released in 2018. 

In addition to having success in the music industry, Morris has also celebrated milestones in her personal life. She wed her husband, musician Ryan Hurd, in March 2018. The couple welcomed their first child together, son Hayes, in March 2020.