Maren Morris Shares Rare Photos of Her Son as He Turns 2

Maren Morris is celebrating a big day for her son Hayes. On Instagram, Morris posted photos from their farm outing to mark the tot's 2nd birthday. The country singer shares son Hayes with her husband, Ryan Hurd

While Morris doesn't typically share too many photos of her son, she did post a few in honor of his birthday. Morris, Hurd, and their son got to visit a local farm in Nashville and he even got to pet some of the animals. The "Chasing After You" singer also included a short clip in her latest post in which Hayes tries to imitate a goat sound. Morris can be heard chuckling over the fun moment. Even though she did share photos and a video of her son in her latest post, she did superimpose a white heart emoji over his face in one of the snaps in order to maintain his privacy. 

Morris and Hurd got a head start on their son's birthday celebrations, as he will officially turn 2 years old on March 23. As seen in her post, Hayes sported a new pair of glasses. Ahead of his 2nd birthday, Morris told her followers on Twitter and Instagram that her son inherited her "awful eyesight," per PEOPLE. She wrote on Twitter, "Hayes had to get glasses today and he looks so cute but I also feel awful that I passed my awful eyesight onto him." The singer also acknowledged the news on her Instagram Story by posting a photo of herself in her own frames. She explained that everyone in their house started to wear fake glasses in order to help Hayes' own transition (she also noted that she previously got LASIK eye surgery and doesn't need to wear prescription lenses). 

As previously mentioned, Morris and Hurd welcomed their first child together in March 2020. At the time, they shared on social media that the "love of our lives" was born on March 23. Morris announced her pregnancy in October 2019 and later expressed how it was ironic that she was going to be having a boy. The songstress, referring to her 2019 sophomore alum, "The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the 'GIRL' headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out. See you in 2020, little one."