Maren Morris Endorses Joe Biden in Video Message: 'It’s Time We Tell Someone That He’s Fired'

Maren Morris was one of the featured speakers during the virtual 'I Will Vote' Democratic [...]

Maren Morris was one of the featured speakers during the virtual "I Will Vote" Democratic fundraiser on Sunday, sharing a video message in which she officially endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Wearing a shirt reading "Better Than We Found It," which is the title of her recently-released song calling for change, Morris explained her reasoning, beginning by sharing that she is "a proud Texan now living in Nashville, Tennessee."

"Coming from a Southern family with a conservative background, throughout my childhood, I was always taught to treat people with respect and dignity, no matter their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, and yes, even their political party," she continued. "But like a lot of us, I've been in perpetual shock watching what's happened to our country these last few years. We've been divided and pitted against one another. We've seen the forces of hatred, not just reserved for the awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversation with a crazy relative once a year, but out in the open, encouraged and supported by the President of the United States."

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Morris welcomed her first child, son Hayes, in March, and shared that his arrival caused her to see the world differently. "It wasn't about just me anymore, it was about him and all of our children's futures in this country," she noted. "What will they make of this moment 20 years from now?"

The 30-year-old mentioned "Better Than We Found It" and shared that she lives "in the world of country music, which has always been about telling the truth. And just like I believe that country music is for everyone, so is this country." As she spoke, footage from the song's music video played, Morris shared that the song is for immigrants, members of the LGBTQIA community and Black Americans, as well as "those of us who have the civic responsibility to do everything we can to make our country better by saying, 'We are better than this.'"

She also shared that she voted for "Democrats down the ticket" in Tennessee "because we need leadership that is kind, compassionate and that cares. Leadership that will unite us, to overcome this pandemic, to put us back to work again, end systemic racism and work every day to ensure we leave this world to our kids in better shape than we found it."

"It's time we tell someone that he's fired," Morris concluded, referencing Donald Trump's catchphrase from The Apprentice, "and let's elect a president and vice-president who believe in the best of what America can be, and who will work every day to ensure that we, once again, stand united — because divided we fall."