Luke Combs Makes His Fans the Stars of Heartwarming 'Does to Me' Video

This week, Luke Combs released the music video for "Does to Me," featuring Eric Church, and several of Combs' fans found themselves starring in the clip upon its release. The video premiered on Monday, April 6, and was made up of social media posts fans had submitted after a call from Combs.

"Does to Me" is all about a regular guy recounting his life, explaining that while certain moments might not mean much to others looking in, they're everything to him. The music video expounds on that sentiment, with Combs enlisting his fans to submit moments in their own lives that are important to them. "When we started getting things ready for the 'Does to Me' music video, I knew I wanted my fans to be involved, so I had them share things that might not mean a lot to others, but did to them," he explained in a tweet that kicks off the video.

Featured posts include a message from a mom sharing a homemade birthday cake from her son, one fan who treasures her late dad's jacket, another mom who shared a photo of her twin rainbow babies, a dad who was proud to show off his kids' arts and crafts and another fan displaying their dad's dog tags from the Vietnam War, as well as a number of couples and groups of friends. Combs' mom even made a virtual appearance in the video, sharing three sets of photos including one of Combs' first concert posters, artwork her son made in the first grade and a photo of a loom shuttle. "My grandma worked in a textile mill 12-16 hours a day," the post read. "No air conditioning. I never heard her complain."


"Does to Me" is the latest single from Combs' sophomore album What You See Is What You Get, and the 30-year-old told Rolling Stone in November that working with Church, one of his personal heroes, was "awesome." "I had [my co-manager Chris] Kappy reach out to Eric’s manager and say, 'Hey, if this is something Eric would want to do, that would be great,' but I don’t want him to do it unless he thinks it’s something he would like," the "Hurricane" singer shared. "A couple months later, we got a date on the books and his vocal was the last thing we got for the record. It’s awesome."

"I think his stuff is better than mine, but you know, that’s the fan in me," Combs added of Church. "The attention to detail and the thought process and the care put into the entire experience, and the music and the shows, all that is very similar. That’s where the similarity lies, in making sure the fans are taken care of."