Luke Bryan Trolls Blake Shelton After 'The Voice' Judge Jokingly Insults His Music

Just some friendly banter! Luke Bryan took a swipe at Blake Shelton on Twitter this week after Shelton jokingly insulted Bryan's music, The Voice judge starting this round of trolling with a message on Monday. Shelton had posted a Photoshopped news headline of Bryan that read, "Study finds falling asleep at the wheel linked to Luke Bryan music," with another banner claiming, "New studies find that Luke Bryan's music sucks so bad that many listeners begin to..."

"Wow! Just catching up on the news... Shocking! I have noticed some fatigue when @lukebryanonline comes on.." Shelton captioned the doctored photo. Bryan responded by bringing Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, into the equation, tweeting, "Your girlfriend is the only reason people are listening to your last two singles." "Hey don’t hate just cause I know how to work the system!!!" Shelton cracked back.

Shelton's latest release was his fourth duet with Stefani, "Happy Anywhere," which was preceded by their collaboration "Nobody But You." That song spent two weeks at No. 1, giving Stefani her first trip to the top of the country charts and Shelton his 27th. On Aug. 7, Bryan released his new album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, which was delayed around four months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monday's exchange was far from the first time Bryan and Shelton have lovingly insulted one another — when NASCAR returned this year after with no fans in the stands due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shelton managed to root for driver Clint Bowyer and troll Bryan all in one tweet. "I’m so happy NASCAR is coming on!!! The stands look like a @LukeBryanOnline concert but who cares!!!" he quipped. "Go Clint!"


In 2018, Bryan joked to Entertainment Tonight that he didn't give Shelton his new cell phone number when he switched. "I don't wanna talk about him anymore," he joked. "I don't feel like I need to boost Blake's career with my time on TV."

The American Idol judge added that he had been texting Shelton and that the two were "trying to work out some funny stuff... and I had changed my number, and he spent two months texting my old number. So whoever's got my old number, it was Blake Shelton. If there were misspelled words, and bad vernacular and grammar problems, [it was] definitely Blake."