Luke Bryan Is 'Tremendously Excited' for Upcoming Las Vegas Residency

It was announced this week that Luke Bryan will be one of multiple headlining acts at the upcoming Resorts World Las Vegas, opening this summer, joining Carrie Underwood, Céline Dion and Katy Perry. Bryan's first engagement will consist of six shows beginning Feb. 11, and the singer told PEOPLE that he is "tremendously excited" for the new venture.

"Resorts World is essentially just creating and building an entertainment paradise for people that are wanting to go have amazing experiences," Bryan said. "To have a theater with all the bells, whistles and wonderful technology at my fingertips, and a show that stands alone, that's different from what I typically do out on the road." The concert space at Resorts World Las Vegas is a 5,000-capacity venue that features the largest and tallest performance stage in Las Vegas, and Bryan thinks "it's going to be fun" dreaming up a unique show experience.

"Everybody comes to Vegas to party and have fun and I feel like my catalog has songs that really will enhance and make that experience even more fun," he said. "There's nothing more fun than being on stage and being the master of ceremonies, the master of the party. I'm really just going to relish being on stage and connecting with my fans in a more intimate setting." He added, "It's going to be neat being on a stage that's kind of like my own playground."

Underwood, Dion and Perry are all known for their spectacular stage shows, and Bryan is eager to see what the three performers will bring to Las Vegas. "Being in country music with Carrie Underwood, I'm really, really proud of her, and I think she's going to put on a show that's unlike anything you've ever seen," he said, sharing that he and fellow American Idol judge Perry have been talking about their upcoming residencies backstage.

"Even Katy Perry and I have been talking on set at Idol — she's already planning and creating her show," he said, joking that the pop star "plans her outfits a year in advance." He continued to praise Perry and his fellow headliners, adding, "Her shows are amazingly fun, so I think everybody can stay in their own lane, but really feed off each other's energy and make the most of Vegas."


"I always try new things and sprinkle in new experiences for me," Bryan shared. "I don't want to wake up and be the one that's gotten trapped in the monotony of something. I think no matter how big the environment is, you've got to go out there and do your best show, put your best foot forward and impress your fans."