Luke Bryan Drops New Single and Video, 'What She Wants Tonight'

Big news, Luke Bryan fans! The singer just dropped a brand-new single, "What She Wants Tonight," along with a cinematic new video. The song, from an upcoming new album, was written by Bryan, along with Ross Copperman, Hillary Lindsey and Jon Nite.

"I have wanted to get together with this group of writers for a long time," Bryan said in a statement about the song. "We came up with some really infectious hooks for this song and I think women listeners are going to like that the girl in the song controls the dynamic of the situation. I've been wanting to get a big rocking tempo out for some time and this is certainly it."

Bryan recently opened up about the upcoming single, and why he thinks it might be the best of his career, at least so far.

"Jon and Ross and I wrote 'Strip It Down,' and then we had the opportunity to bring Hillary Lindsey, who Hillary and John had a part in 'Knockin' Boots,'" Bryan shared with and other media. "I've went so many years wanting to record a Hillary Lindsey song, and especially record one that I've written with her. I've always thought, since the day I moved to Nashville, that she's probably our most prolific writer. I mean, he's won three CMA Song of the Years."

Copperman already had the track for the song, which Bryan initially fell in love with, and the foursome quickly got to work.

"Something that really caught my ear is the way the beat catches your ear right off the bat," Bryan recalled. "And then Ross and Jon had kind of worked on the melody and the chorus. And it just talks about this girl, she kind of owns the night. 'She gets what she wants, and I get to be what she wants tonight,' and it's funny. I feel like it's something girls will love. Girls will love hearing that sentiment.

"But I'm really excited about it," he continued. "It's a big uptempo, and even [from] some people around the label, I'm getting a lot of excitement out of it. The label's fired up. I've snuck it too, out on tour I've had some radio guys come up on the bus and play it for them. So I'm excited for people to hear it."

The video is more of a mini-movie, with a woman seducing a man to get what she wants, with a surprising ending.


Stream or download "What She Wants Tonight" by visiting Bryan's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Boston Globe