Loretta Lynn Says She is 'Doing Great' Following Health Scare

Loretta Lynn is offering another update after her recent health scare. The 86-year-old posted a video on social media, and although the video was filmed before her recent health issues, Lynn insists she is doing well, and is ready to focus on her music.

"Well right now is a great time for me, and that's what the album's called, Wouldn't It Be Great," shared Lynn. "I feel great, and I'm doing great, and everything's falling in place for me, and everything's looking up for me, so I'm doing great."

Wouldn't It Be Great was released in September, a later release date than Lynn wanted, but previous health problems, including a stroke and a broken hip, delayed her completion of the project.

"I think it's given me something to really pick me up, to really push me ahead just a little bit, make me get well faster," said the country music icon. "I do. I think it's helped me a lot."

Lynn could have easily retired from making music, but it was her fans that inspired her and propelled her to keep working.

"My fans, that's what keeps you going," Lynn said. "They're not really fans. They're friends. They get to be friends. They're not just fans anymore. They're friends. You get so close to the people that you've known all these years."

On Oct. 20, a man by the name of Michael Lynn, posted on the singer's Facebook page, saying that "the Queen of Country Music, Ms. Loretta Lynn has had some setbacks in her recovery and is back in the hospital with some serious issues." Lynn's granddaughter, Tayla, later refuted the report, saying Michael Lynn was not a member of the family.

"Hey guys!!!!!!! y'all know me....Soooooo Many news outlets have picked the story of from MICHAEL LYNN....WE DO NOT KNOW HIM," Tayla wrote. "Why all these dramatic stories were published with him as the source is UNREAL!!!!!!!!! Memaw is at home having herself some pie I am sure [happy face emoticon] Love to you!"

While the details of her recent health issues remain unclear, she was unable to attend the recent CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, where she received the Artist of the Lifetime honor. Instead, Sissy Spacek, who played Lynn in the biopic, Coal Miner's Daughter, accepted the award on her behalf.


"She cast me in the movie, first of all," Spacek told PopCulture.com. "And we had an instantaneous friendship. It was bizarre. She says, 'Sissy, we were twins in another life.' And I go, 'Okay, yeah, I get that.' She helped me so much with the role. She opened her eyes to me, she opened her heart to me. We're god-sisters."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Stephen Lovekin