Lady Antebellum Reveal How Group Therapy Helps Their Relationship as a Band

Lady Antebellum famously took a break in 2015, embarking on a self-imposed hiatus to focus on other projects and take a break from the hectic pace that had become normal for the trio, especially since the release of their multi-platinum "Need You Now" single in 2009.

Returning with the release of Heart Break last year, the trio made up of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, have learned better coping skills for life as a band, thanks in part to utilizing group therapy.

"We've done a lot recently, just getting back into this, and the balance," Kelley reveals on Sunday TODAY. "It is nice, because I do feel like when bands don't talk, and let out some of that stuff, as long as they have kind of a little unbiased professional to be like, 'Right there, man. Your tone. See why it probably hurt their [feelings]?' You're like, 'Oh man, OK.'"

"It's like marriage counseling," Haywood adds.

Lady A will hit the road this week to embark on their co-headlining Summer Plays On Tour with Darius Rucker. The tour marks the first time that the three will hit the road with six children, with Kelley's son Ward, Scott's daughters Eisele, Emory and Betsy, and Haywood's son Cash and daughter Lillie, joining them for much of the trek.

"I know I'm wearing a lot of hats right now, with newborns at home, so it's a lot of packing, lists, checklists, because we'll all be going together," Scott admits.

"On stage is still the same, but backstage is a completely different world," continues Haywood, recalling their early, child-free years as a band. "Kids running around. The number of devices and pack-and-plays ..."

One thing Kelley is looking forward to on the Summer Plays On Tour is their time off the road, when Kelley and Rucker can hit the golf course.

"He's got every contact, because he's been touring for a long, long time, and he and Hootie & the Blowfish played a lot of golf on the road, so he literally has a contact in every town, and crazy-good golf courses too," reveals Kelley of Rucker, although he admits it might not be quite as much fun as it would have been before he became a dad.

"It is going to be fun, but again, the family, now having the kids, you have to balance that," he continues. "I used to be way more selfish with my time ... You do have to balance it out a little bit more. I can't be quite as selfish out there as I used to be."


The Summer Plays On Tour kicks off on July 19, in Toronto, Canada. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Instagram/Anna Webber