Watch Lady Antebellum Perform 'On a Night Like This' and 'Silent Night' on 'CMA Country Christmas'

Lady Antebellum managed to combine one of their new songs from Ocean, as well as a holiday classic, for one unforgettable medley on CMA Country Christmas. The trio, made up of Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, sang "On a Night Like This" and "Silent Night," to create one of the most celebrated performances of the evening.

Lady Antebellum, who also performed "White Christmas" during the show, previously opened up about the medley, and why they decided to combine their new love song with a traditional Christmas tune, which they originally included on their On This Winter's Night Christmas album in 2012.

"It just has a very Christmas feel," Kelley told and other media, speaking about "On a Night Like This." "And so, they gave us the opportunity to perform that. We do a little bit of that medley into 'Silent Night' ... I think for us having a Christmas record too. It's always going to be such a big part of our career, I think, is showing up to things like this and really embracing, obviously, our favorite holiday."

"On a Night Like This" is just one of several poignant and emotional tracks from Ocean, which is the most honest and vulnerable record the trio has released to date.

"We all go through seasons, I think, where we're more introspective and then there's more seasons of just celebrating living in the moment," Scott said. "And for me, I think I got married with three children into my 30s, and I'm like, 'Okay, I've got to figure some stuff out and think about who these little girls are hopefully going to become, that I'm raising in my house.' And so we wrote really honest. The songs that we found they were all really honest.

"There's one about our kids that it's a song that we didn't write that I wished we had, but it's about our children and it's called 'What I'm Leaving For,'" she continued. "Even though we didn't write it, it feels so personal that I'm excited for everyone to hear. And I just think baring it all, being vulnerable builds connection with each other, with our fans, with anybody who, who gets to hear this record. So I'm excited for that."


"I feel like we're making music like we did in the early days without any fear, without any hesitation," added Haywood. "The songs that have come in and the ones we've written, we've all been on the same page about them and said, this song is special, this song is special. And that reminds me of the first couple of records when we started off 13 years ago, which is wild to think about, but I feel like we're back to that. Back to that confidence, back to that excitement of making music and hopefully with the stuff you've heard and the stuff on the record that'll make sense."

Photo Credit: Getty / Ethan Miller