Lady Antebellum Fans Offer Support After Charles Kelley's Injury

Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley had a bit of a sedentary holiday these past few days after breaking his foot, but well wishes from fans should certainly help the country star on the way to recovery.

Over the weekend, Kelley used Instagram to share that he had suffered his injury while exercising.

"So I broke my foot working out a little bit," he said in a video. "I fractured it, so I got a shot...I passed out while getting my shot and fell face forward on the wall and the chair. Merry Christmas to me."

Kelley's fans were quick to offer their support, with many sharing their own injury stories while others wished the singer well.

"Bless your heart!" shared one fan. "Prayers for swift healing and no more injuries!!"

"Maybe Santa can bring you ice packs and Tylenol," offered another, while a third presented a valid suggestion.

"You got to make up a better story," they wrote. "Like all that happened while you were king fu fighting muggers or something."

Kelley's wife, Cassie Kelley, later tweeted that her husband will be "fine," but that he has used his injury as "a reason to get waited on hand & foot this weekend!"

The singer's injury didn't stop him from enjoying the holiday, as he later shared a video of Santa stopping by a family celebration to read to Kelley's son, Ward, and his niece, Frankie.

"Both of them have seen Santa in about 5 different weight classes over the past week," Kelley joked in the clip's caption of the little ones. "They're getting a little suspicious. Merry Christmas!"


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