Keith Urban Gushes Over Wife Nicole Kidman, Comparing Marriage to 'Tending to The Garden'

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in June, and the country [...]

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in June, and the country star explained how the two keep their relationship fresh in a new interview. Urban compared their marriage to "tending to the garden" and said he does many of the same things they did when they began dating in 2005. Urban and Kidman tied the knot in June 2006 and are parents to Sunday, 12, and Faith, 9.

"It's tending to the garden. If you don't do the work, the garden starts to grow over, and then you complain that the garden is not very interesting and you look for another garden. I maintain this garden," Urban told Women's Day, via The Daily Mail. He called Kidman is "best friend" and said no one else on the planet "knows me as well as she does." He said it takes work to maintain their relationship, but it is not too hard because the two "just love being together."

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Kidman is now in Australia, while Urban was required to do two weeks of quarantine after returning to Nashville to host the Country Music Awards. In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, Kidman said the two have "never been away from each other this long before" since they got married. "It's hard, so we're constantly on FaceTime," she said. "That's our world now – and thank god for it. What would we have done without it?"

While Urban and Kidman are usually inseparable, Kidman admitted the "One Too Many" singer sometimes needs an "escape with his guitar" because the family is "female-heavy." She explained, "I'll find him in his closet playing guitar. That's when I know we really need to give him space. Oh, and he googles cars. I'll know when he's stressed 'cause he's Googling cars. I couldn't care less what car I'm driving; you can pick me up in any old thing. But Keith and Faith love cars."

Back in April, Urban told Apple Music's Zane Lowe he thought he "married up" when he married Kidman. The Big Little Lies star told Marie Claire she felt she "married into my heart" and Urban "just came along and protected me." Urban has "loved me, given me confidence, and made me so much more comfortable. He knows who I am and he's opened me up," she said. "We have an interesting balance because I'm an introvert and he's an extrovert."