Kane Brown Urges Fans to 'Come Together and Work This Out'

Kane Brown is one of many country artists who have now spoken up in the wake of the events in the United States over the past week, sharing a statement on Twitter on Monday asking his fans to "see each other as PEOPLE." "We will never understand each other when you have people on 2 different sides," the biracial star wrote. "We have to become 1 to be at peace."

He later posted the tweet on Instagram and added that he has "been trying to think of how to say this as easy as possible and not be bashed because of the different sides. I hate confrontation but this is the truth whether you wanna Believe it or not," Brown continued, adding that he will answer "as many" questions as he can. He delivered on that promise in the comments of his post, where he engaged with multiple followers and posted an additional comment asking people to come together. "First of all I'm mixed," the 26-year-old pointed out. "I'm black to the white guy, and I'm white to the black guy until a racial thing comes into play and then I'm supposed to play the black side." Brown then referenced the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, writing that it is "ignorant as hell to kill a human being in cold blood without them doing anything especially hand cuffed" and that it is "stupid a man can't jog without being gunned down."

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"If everyone was seen as people, if everyone was treated the same, if everyone was charged the same sentence, this s— wouldn't be happening," he continued. "#BlackLivesMatter we are people too." Brown echoed his earlier message and wrote that "we all need to become one race (Americans) stop dividing or it will never be solved!" "I love everyone even if you spit on me I will find it in my heart to let it go!" he concluded. "Let's come together and work this s— out."


The "Cool Again" singer responded to a number of commenters including one who questioned his experience as a biracial person and asked him whether he is "treated as a black man." "Are you joking?" Brown wrote back. "Am I treated as a black man in COUNTRY music? Is that even a question? Lol." He also addressed the Black Lives Matter movement, responding to a fan who commented "#BLM." "It does but it wasn't intended to mean only black lives matter," Brown wrote. "It's saying black lives matter as we are people just like everyone else." Brown added that he does "not" support destroying of property and looting but shared that he believes those who are doing so "just want people to listen" and that "outside party's [sic] are part of it as well."