Kane Brown Talks Becoming a Dad Again, Reveals Parenting Tip He Got From Thomas Rhett (Exclusive)

Brown and his wife, Katelyn Jae, are currently expecting their third child, a son.

Kane Brown is gonna be a dad again, as his wife Katelyn is pregnant with their third child, and it sounds like the singer couldn't be more ready for the new adventure. Recently, PopCulture.com had an opportunity to speak with Kane at a press event for his new partnership with Crown Royal, supporting U.S. Veterans.

During the conversation, we asked about his growing family and Brown revealed that it's been much easier preparing to go from two kids to three kids than it was to go from one kid to two kids. He also revealed a helpful parenting tip that he got from fellow country music singer Thomas Rhett, who has four children. "I will say that's right though because [when our oldest was born] I treated her... and Thomas Rhett actually said this, this is a quote from him... But, with [my first daughter], I treated her like glass and you find out that they're rubber."

"The second one, you know, it was easy," Brown continued. "When the doctor sent me home for the first time, I was like, 'what do we do now? How do I... what do I do?" He added with a laugh, "The second one was easy."

Brown and Katelyn share two daughters — Kingsley, 4, and Kodi, 2 — with doctors already confirming that their next is a boy. While Brown is feeling pretty good about finally being a boy dad, he says that Katelyn is "a little nervous" for that same reason. "I was like, 'I'll get him,' because I was nervous having the girls," Brown shared, then adding that he recalls what it was like trying to get used to taking care of two baby girls. "I told her I'd take the boy until she gets comfortable."

The "I Can Feel It" singer made it clear that he has no issues with doing the dirty work, saying that he feels "like every dad should be able" to the basics such as feeding the baby and changing diapers, something he prides himself on very specifically. "I'm quick with it," Brown said with a smile.

In addition to becoming a dad for the third time, Brown has also teamed up with Crown Royal for the "That Deserves a Crown with Kane Brown" contest. Crown Royal is inviting country music and whisky fans 21+ to nominate a veteran for a chance to win the ultimate concert experience at Brown's final tour stop in Arlington, Texas, on Sept. 14. 

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be a celebration of country music and the true heroes of America who deserve a Crown – military veterans. For every valid nomination, Crown Royal will donate $1 to the nonprofit organization, CreatiVets, to support their mission to help wounded veterans heal through music and the arts. Fans can visit SummerSessions.CrownRoyal.com through Aug. 15, for details and official contest rules.