Kane Brown Has Shania Twain on His Collaboration Wishlist

Kane Brown has collaborated with artists from multiple genres during his career, but the 26-year-old is looking a little closer to home for his next teamup. Speaking to ET Canada, Brown was asked which artist would be a dream collaboration for an upcoming project, and he named country icon Shania Twain as someone he'd like to work with in the future.

"I think I’m gonna have to go for like uh… Shania Twain," he said. "Ya know? 'Cause we’ve done so many pop collabs recently I think I want some country collabs to complete this mixtape." Twain caught wind of Brown's request and responded on Twitter, writing, "Let's do it!"

Brown's most recent release was his EP Mixtape Vol. 1, which featured "Be Like That," a collaboration with Swae Lee and Khalid, and "Last Time I Say Sorry," a duet with John Legend. Brown and Legend were able to record the song in the studio together ahead of the pandemic, and Brown shared that watching The Voice coach actually affected the way he sang.

"I'm glad that I was in the studio with him, because he made me sing differently," the Georgia native recalled. "Just because I made him go first, I got to watch him sing. For that song I was literally fully projecting, which I don't ever do, I'm just super chill. I literally was watching him fully belting, I felt like he was being my vocal coach from The Voice. When I sing that song now, it's easy to sing that song because I know how to project it now. It was really cool being in there with him, he did a lot of stuff a lot of artists don't do, so it was cool getting to witness it."


Brown's upcoming album will likely include the Nelly-assisted remix of his current single "Cool Again," and it's possible the project will include Brown's collaboration with his wife, Katelyn, which the singer has revealed is titled "Mad at This World."

"The song, it definitely needs to be right," Brown recently told PopCulture.com of collaborating with artists outside of country music. "The right collaboration. But we used to be worried about that before, in the past, and now I think we've established some country music too. We're not going anywhere. We'll always have singles for you before anybody else. But we decided to expand our brand and connect fan bases with other people's fan bases."