Jon Pardi Had to Postpone Wedding a 'Couple' of Times Due to Pandemic

After getting engaged in October, Jon Pardi and fiancée Summer Duncan had originally planned to marry in May in a large wedding in Montana, but the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone the date. The couple announced their decision in April, and Pardi recently told Taste of Country Nights that that was only the first time he and Duncan decided to reschedule their nuptials.

"Just a couple [times]," he said, adding that the pandemic also forced the couple to adjust other aspects of their big day. "The big wedding we wanted to have is not going to happen, so it's just been heartbreaking telling people, 'Hey, we can't [move forward with the wedding as scheduled], because we just can't have this many people." Pardi and Duncan had initially planned on a destination wedding in Montana with 200 guests at a venue overlooking Yellowstone National Park, but due to the pandemic, they've had to significantly cut down their guest list.

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"My family's huge, so I had to tell them to hold back, because I can't have people flying all over coming into Nashville," Pardi said, sharing that he and his fiancée have already come up with an idea to celebrate with all of their family members and friends. "But once we get back, we're gonna do a wedding tour," he said. "So we wanna do a big party in northern California, and a big party in Texas, and a big party in Nashville."

The couple initially moved their wedding to this fall but have since moved it again, and Pardi shared that they also decided to hold the celebration in Nashville, and that they'll be keeping their plan of having pizza instead of a traditional wedding cake. "There will be pizza," he said. "But we moved it to Nashville, to Tennessee. Just to make it easier."

In April, Duncan shared that she and Pardi had decided to postpone their May date and wrote on Instagram that it was "Somewhat of a relief not having to stress every day with the news of the virus and whether or not it passes by the end of May." "We would be selfish to keep our wedding date and put our guests at risk," she added. "To all the other brides out there (and wedding vendors) it's gonna be one hell of a busy fall!! Haha."