Jessie James Decker Reveals She Underwent Breast Augmentation Surgery

Jessie James Decker opened up to fans about a recent surgical procedure on Thursday, May 6, sharing that she underwent breast augmentation surgery. The Just Feed Me author posted photo on Instagram of herself sitting on the floor in front of a mirror and wearing a bikini, writing that she "treated myself... to new boobies!"

Decker shares three children with husband Eric Decker and told fans that after the couple decided they were finished having children, she "was finally ready to go big or go home ha!" "I had breast reduction and lift a couple years ago when they were hanging down to my belly button but with having such elastic skin and not being happy with the size I decided to do it," she explained. "They were so big and perky before children and I wanted them back ... plus some." She added that she feels "great" and is "super happy with them."

The 33-year-old also took the opportunity to promote her clothing brand, Kittenish, sharing that she "felt like a brand new woman when I was trying on our new @kittenish swim and loving the way they finally filled out the tops like I wanted." "It's not for everybody but it was certainly for me!" Decker concluded. "I always say, you do you and do what makes you feel confident and sexy #YOLO."

Decker recently told E! News that she recently started a return to feeling her best after gaining some weight during quarantine last year. "I gained the quarantine 10, like everybody did," she reflected. "I mean, we were having, like, wine every night for a minute there. I'm like, 'Oh my god, this is not a good habit!' So we're back on a good program, I'm working out a few times a week. I'm eating well. And so I just feel good about it."


The mom of three explained that she's always been able to take the steps she needed to get to where she wants to be with her body. "I've always been able to work out myself and just motivate myself," she said. "But I felt like with this year I'm noticing my body slowing down a little bit. I don't metabolize as fast as I used to. I don't build muscle as fast as I used to. So I felt like I needed to treat myself and maybe take it up a notch."