Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Places Stamp of Approval on New Wolf Moon Bourbon He Started With Florida Georgia Line

Before Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line launched their new Wolf Moon Bourbon, Aldean had to have the final product tested by one important person: his wife, Brittany Aldean. Thankfully, Brittany enjoyed the taste, which was the stamp of approval Aldean needed before moving forward with the new business venture.

"She's somebody that knows her drinks pretty well and she's tried it," Aldean told PEOPLE of his wife, who was a bartender while putting herself through college. "It's always good when the wife loves it."

Florida Georgia Line, made up of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, already had their own Old Camp Whiskey, before starting Wolf Moon Bourbon with Aldean.

"We put it up against a lot of other bourbons. We wanted to put it up against some things that we felt like were good bourbons and it held up to anything we put it up against," Aldean revealed. "It's a four-year aged bourbon and it's got a little bit of a sweet taste. It's smooth and a little smoky too. It's really got a good flavor to it."

"I think for guys for like me, Tyler, and BK, after a show or when you're hanging out, we're always entertaining people. In our business, it's part of what you do," he added. "For us to have our name on something that we're proud of that we can give to our friends or tell them about and want them to go try it, we want it to be something we're proud of. This was that for us."

The idea for Wolf Moon Bourbon began not by wanting to start a business together, but by realizing how important their post-show ritual was, for all of them.

"After a show — we toured together for a year or so, maybe a little longer — and after the shows, we'd all go back in the dressing rooms. It's the best part of the night," Aldean recalled. "You just played your show and hopefully sent everyone home happy and it's our time to get to relax and unwind a little bit and hang out with your friends and have a drink."


Aldean will likely have Wolf Moon Bourbon on the road with him, while he continues his We Back Tour, with Morgan Wallen and Riley Green serving as his opening acts. Find dates by visiting JasonAldean.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Kravitz