Jason Aldean Explains How He Keeps His Tour Fresh Every Year

Jason Aldean has been headlining his own tours for around 10 years now, which means he's a total professional when it comes to hitting the road.

"I think for us, we've been doing this for so long now," the singer shared at a recent number one party in Nashville. "Once it's time for a tour to start, we just kind of fall right back into place. You can't really throw any surprises at us anymore really. You know what I mean? It kind of is like clockwork."

Aldean is currently out on his Ride All Night Tour, which kicked off in April and finds the Georgia native playing arenas and outdoor venues around the country. While he hasn't released a new album since before his tour last year, the father of four explained that there are a few ways he can change things up to make the show different for fans and for himself.

"Maybe you've added some different songs into the show and your set's different, some of those kind of things. That's what really changes it up to me every year. We're in that spot where when a tour kicks off for us, it's kind of like riding a bike anymore," he said. "It's fun, but it's also you don't get too many nerves because you've been there, done that a lot of times before. We fall into place and get into a rhythm pretty quick."

"A cool thing for me is to go out and you know who your guys are, you know once it's showtime what you're going to do, where you going to go, and each tour is a little different just for the fact of you got different acts out there opening the shows," he added.

This year, his tour features openers Kane Brown, Carly Pearce and Dee Jay Silver, with Aldean sharing at a previous number one party that Brown is like a younger brother to him.

"Kane was out with us a couple years ago, and I just kind of hit it off with him," he said. "He's kind of become my little brother almost, and so when I go on tour, I mean, I wanna be out there with guys that I like hanging out with, and it doesn't hurt that Kane's on fire right now. I mean, he's hot as it gets, so I'm just excited to have him back out. I'm excited to see his show, but also just to kind of have a buddy out there on tour with us for the year."


He also praised Pearce, saying, "Carly, I think it's great to have a female out on the show just to kind of change it up a little bit. We had Lauren Alaina out last year, and I thought that worked out really well, so Carly, coming off a big year, she's doing really well, so I think it's gonna be fun."

Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder