Home Free Releases 'Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)' Video

Home Free is back with a brand-new cover, this time of Restless Heart's "Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)." The five-man a capella group, who has previously covered hits like "Life is a Highway," "We Just Disagree," "My Church" and more, chose the classic song at least in part to honor the iconic band.

"Restless Heart broke boundaries with this song, not only being a bit controversial with the
content, but by adding the pop genre in a market that was straight country at the time. It was a rule breaker – but aren't those the best kinds of songs?" Tim Foust told PopCulture.com. "We also admire Restless Heart for their incredible harmonies, so we wanted to make sure we stepped up our own. I swear I've had this song stuck in my head since the '80s, and we're all just huge fans."

"One of our favorite parts about what we do is the fact that we get to bring the music that shaped who we are as artists to a younger generation," added Adam Chance. "Take this tune, for example. It's hard to believe it's 32 years old! Some of our fan base wasn't even born when it was released. Hopefully, they hear our version, and it gets them excited enough to dive into the world of '80s and '90s country music."

Home Free has covered songs from the last several decades of country music, but admit they feel a special affinity towards the music they grew up on.

"When it comes to picking out the songs we cover, it's definitely a process, and it's no secret that we're inspired by a range of genres. We'd be lying, however, if we said we didn't have a special place in our heart for those classic country tunes," Chance explained. "We never get tired of them. The fact that those songs are making a major comeback and becoming the 'cool' thing to listen to again is also pretty awesome. It's what we grew up on."

Home Free might be known for their covers, but the group is about to show fans a new side of them with their upcoming fifth studio album, which will have plenty of original songs.

"This is the last cover we'll be releasing before our brand new music, so to say we're excited is an understatement," Adam Rupp revealed. "We dropped Timeless in 2017 and have been non-stop touring with it since, but we can't wait for everyone to hear what we've been working on."

"Our next album has the most original content we've ever released," he added. "When we haven't been on the road, we've been in the studio and a handful of the guys have been writing for this project, so it's something we're super proud of."


Home Free, which also includes Austin Brown and Rob Lundquist, will wrap up their Timeless World Tour in May, but will take the stage in June to perform at CMA Music Fest in Nashville. Find dates and more information by visiting their website. Download their version of "Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Courtesty of Sweet Talk Publicity/David McClister