Gwen Stefani Reveals Favorite Part of Oklahoma, Besides Blake Shelton

When Gwen Stefani started dating Blake Shelton, she unexpectedly also fell in love with his home state of Oklahoma. The singer, who currently divides her time between her house in Los Angeles and Shelton's Tishomingo home, has been surprised by how much she enjoys the Sooner State.

"There's something about going to Oklahoma that fulfills a need inside me that I didn't even know I had," Stefani told Travel Girl. "It's a need for space, nature and freedom. You don't really think about it until you have the freedom of going somewhere like Oklahoma where it's just miles of untouched nature and it's so beautiful.

"It's really something I didn't even know I was craving," she continued. "I feel really blessed to travel there. It's a place where I can unwind, just have fun and not think about anything. My family really enjoys it as well."

Stefani previously admitted that she didn't expect to enjoy Oklahoma as much as she did, but is grateful that she not only has a home away from home, but that her three sons, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, enjoy their time in Oklahoma as well.

"It's very tribal," Stefani explained to Marie Claire. "Blake has a sister, she comes with her kids. We cook and get muddy and dirty. There are ATVs. Being a mother of three boys, it's kind of the perfect place. Everything is real now, whereas before, things didn't seem so real."

Shelton also enjoys when Stefani spends time on his sprawling ranch, especially when she cooks for him.

"Gwen [Stefani] would be cooking for everyone," Shelton told Cowboys & Indians magazine of his perfect day on the ranch. "But I eat terribly. I have to figure out how to get better. I'll usually sit down at dinner time, and Gwen will make this big dinner, like she'll make a piece of salmon and a salad for us. And then there are her three little boys [Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo] there, and so there's macaroni and cheese and all those other things for them.

"I'll look at her plate and she'll have the salmon and salad, and I'll look at my plate and it's all the s--- she made for the boys: chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, those little pretzel bread rolls," he continued. "I've got to get better at that one of these days."


Stefani and Shelton met while on The Voice, where she will return this season, after Adam Levine unexpectedly left the show. The show will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 23 on NBC.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Gabe Ginsberg