Granger Smith's Equipment Truck Involved in Accident: 'Hell of a Morning'

Granger Smith and his band were apparently involved in a shocking crash on Saturday morning, according to the singer's Instagram.

Smith posted a photo of an overturned 18-wheeler lying perpendicular to the highway. Emergency vehicles were stopped all around it, and firemen and police could be seen nearby. The truck had torn up a huge part of the grassy embankment, but no other vehicles could be seen.

(Photo: Instagram / Granger Smith)

"We've had a hell of a morning," he wrote. "No one was hurt, and my driver Charlie climbed out without a scratch. We lost gear, but all that can be replaced. Grateful for my road brothers, and thankful for another day. See you tonight on stage in Baltimore!‬"

Fans were startled by the picture, dropping into the comments with their thanks that everything turned out okay. Many were impressed with Smith's resolve, amazed that he plans to show up to his show despite the accident.

"Wow man keep your spirits high," someone wrote.

"Oh no but glad everyone is safe!!!" chimed in someone else.

"Man you guys do have some bad luck falling off the stage in Jersey now this," one fan pointed out. "But glad everyone is safe."

"[Oh my God] I'm so glad u are all ok and ur still going on stage tonight??? We are never promised tomorrow," added another.

Smith has been on the road for months, as he has documented meticulously on Instagram. The singer puts on massive shows, and for those planning to see him in Baltimore on Saturday, the close call only made the date that much more special.

"Glad everyone is ok," one person tweeted at Smith. "I'm down here @POWERPLANTLIVE waiting to rock out with you and @JustinAdamsCtry tonight."

Granger's hard-traveling lifestyle resulted in an accident once before -- during a New Jersey show in December of 2016. At the time, he fell off of stage, landing with a hard impact that broke two of his ribs and punctured a lung, according to a report by Taste of Country. The fall partially collapsed his lung, and put him out of commission for a total of three months.

Smith was forced to cancel 10 shows at the time. By his own admission, the incident was a big influence on his most recent album, When the Good Guys Win. Back in June, he told that this growth, development and learning is the whole point in a career in music, as far as he is concerned.

"If we stop growing, if we stop learning, then what's the point? Why are we doing this?" Smith said. "Because there is really no end goal, there's no destination with the music business. There's always going to be the next single, the next album, the next tour."


"And so, the positive of all of that, and the thing we look forward to is growing, and how far have we come from where we were last year, and five years ago. And it's fun to go back and look at pictures of us eight years ago, and see how far we've come, and how much we've learned. And so we have to remind ourselves how far we've come, every show."