Jana Kramer Calls Baby a 'Savior' For Helping Heal Her Marriage

Jana Kramer is currently expecting her second child with husband Mike Caussin, and the singer recently opened up about how the upcoming arrival helped her marriage.

“Babies and having other kids don’t save a marriage but for us, this baby truly has been a savior for us in a way that we’ve really done our work and gotten dirty,” Kramer told People.

Kramer and Caussin married in 2015, welcoming daughter Jolie in January 2016. Later that year, Caussin admitted to infidelity, and the pair separated, reconciling after time apart.

The couple is now expecting a baby boy, who is due in November.

“We’re bringing a child into this world [so] we have to be there for each other and continue to do our own recovery work for him and me and be in a place where we’re bringing [our son] into the best environment possible," Kramer said.

The 34-year-old added that while "it's been a lot of work" for her to get over Caussin's infidelity, the two are focused on "managing [the work] together."

“Just give it time, and two people have to work. If one person is doing the work and the other one isn’t, then it most likely isn’t going to work,” she explained.

“If two people are doing the work then there could be a great silver lining and that’s what we’re seeing. [Mike], for the longest time, wasn’t putting in the work, but now when two people actually truly come together and put in the work, then it’s a huge change."

Kramer told Us Weekly that her husband has been making sure to be attentive to her during this pregnancy.

“Mike has been really sweet. The other day he’s like, ‘Hey, I called the babysitter. We’re going to get our nails done, we’re going to get a massage and go have dinner; have some us time,” she shared. “He’s remembering that we still need that too.”

Along with Kramer and Caussin, daughter Jolie is also excited to welcome her sibling. A recent video shared to Kramer's Instagram page finds the toddler answering "Where's the baby?" by pointing to her mom's stomach, as Kramer exclaims, "Good girl!"

Where’s the baby? #mygirl

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Kramer shared in another recent post that she's spending as much time with Jolie as she can before her son arrives.


"Cherishing every moment I spend with her knowing it’ll be two soon," Kramer wrote alongside a shot of herself and her daughter walking into a restaurant. "She was such a cuddly princess tonight and such a good girl at dinner. She even wanted to bring her new purse."

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Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Tran