Garth Brooks Offers Positive Message Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: 'Just Think of Others'

Even superstars aren't immune to the frustrations of the coronavirus outbreak, including Garth Brooks. The Grand Ole Opry member shared a heartfelt message to his fans during his weekly Studio G session, vowing that everyone would get through it, and be better for it in the end, if they all worked together.

"Just think of others," Brooks said (via ABC Audio). "We'll all get through this, I promise. These are times that we don't know, but watch what happens when you look hard. You're going to see the light in all of us ... Just be patient. Love one another. We'll get through this. But the only way we're getting through this is together. I guarantee that."

Although Brooks acknowledges that it has been a trying time for many, especially as restaurants close and concerts are postponed, the husband of Trisha Yearwood is choosing to see the silver lining in all of it.

"It's been an incredible week when it comes to just the character … when it comes to just whatever that spirit is that's inside all of us that just makes us kind of come together. Nashville kind of got a head start with the tornado … and then just came right on in without missing a beat right into this COVID thing."

Brooks accepted the prestigious Gershwin Prize for Popular Song by the Library of Congress earlier in March, where he used his time on stage to remember those impacted by Nashville's deadly tornado.

"In honor of our sweet, sweet Volunteers from the great state of Tennessee," Brooks said, "I'm going to request, humbly, a moment of silence for those who have fallen and those who are still missing."

Brooks might spend most of his time when he's off the road at his Oklahoma ranch, but he will always feel at home in Nashville.

"Representing Nashville is always a joy and an honor, and it takes on an even greater honor tonight because of the rest of Nashville who aren't playing are running chainsaws and opening up their homes to people who don't have one," Brooks told Billboard ahead of the honor. "We are right on that edge of becoming one of the major cities, but in my lifetime we will not lose that small-town community, and that's a beautiful thing. We are a family."


Brooks' next scheduled concert is on May 2 in Charlotte, N.C. The show is still scheduled to go on as planned, although Brooks said he would offer any updates as they are available. Find more information by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media, LLC