Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley Reveals Weirdest Place He Wrote a Song

Florida Georgia Line has spent much of the past several years on the road, which means they [...]

Florida Georgia Line has spent much of the past several years on the road, which means they rarely, at least until now, have had a large amount of time to focus on writing an album at home. The result is that both Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have written some of their best songs in strange places all over the world, including, at least for Kelley, the bathroom!

"I think for both of us the songwriting process is different every time," Kelley shared with their record label. "Sometimes it starts with literally, the title and then you kind of go from there. Sometimes it starts with a guitar lick. Sometimes it starts with maybe just a simple lyric. But I think we all just try to bring something fresh to the table every time and try to word it different, try to create melodies that are different, that feel fresh, and try to marry them together to where it makes sense, where the lyric and the melody just fit, and it feels good.

"Also it's cool that we can write songs on buses, in hotel rooms, in the studio, in California; pretty much anywhere we go, you can write a song," he continued. "And I think that also makes your content different. I remember starting a song in the bathroom one time because it sounded so good. I was playing the guitar, And so you never know where it's gonna come from."

Florida Georgia Line intended to take off the first part of 2020 to work on their next album, before hitting the road with Kenny Chesney on his Chillaxification Tour. The tour, which was scheduled to begin in April, has been postponed, tentatively until May 30, due to the coronavirus pandemic, allowing Kelley and Hubbard more time to work on their next project.

"I think we just stick to what we've always done," Hubbard said of new music. "Keep our head down, work hard and try to record the best music and write the best music that we possibly can in that stage of life, whatever stage we're at. And I think that's what the fans connect to. I think with each album it kind of describes who we are at that time and what we're into and what we're doing.

"And we just try not to put too much pressure on ourselves and just kind of approach it the same way and give it our best effort, 110 percent," he added. "It's gonna work out."

Updates on their upcoming shows will be posted on FGL's website.

Photo Credit: Getty / RB / Bauer-Griffin