Florida Georgia Line Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Talk You Out of It’ Video

Florida Georgia Line released their steamy single "Talk You Out of It" in October, releasing the accompanying music video the following month to tide fans over during the wait for a new album.

The clip stars band members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley along with their wives, Hayley Hubbard and Brittney Kelley, and Tyler and Brian shared a new behind-the-scenes video on Dec. 20 to give fans a look at the making of the romantic footage.

Directed by Justin Clough, the video alternates between a handful of sets, including Tyler and Brian singing together in a neon light-filled space and separate scenes of the musicians with their wives.

Each couple gets their separate screentime, with Tyler singing on top of a floral setup as Hayley walked underneath, and Brian doing the same as Brittney got her turn in the colorful set.

"It just went from summertime in California to a blizzard here on set, so I'm a little cold," Tyler cracked as production switched sets from the blooming florals to falling snow.

"I'm a little cold, but Hayley's probably colder," he noted of his wife. "She's half naked."

The behind-the-scenes footage also shares the making of the video's steamiest scenes, with Brittney in a bathtub as Brian sits on the floor and Tyler and Hayley in a shower scene.

"Never in a million years would've thought that I'd be doing that on camera, in the shower," Tyler reflected after the scene. "But you know what? When in Hollywood, baby. We ain't even acting!"

Since the video stars real-life couples, it's only natural that the sparks are flying, with both pairs displaying their natural chemistry in the sensual clip.

"It’s the baby-making song on the album,” Tyler told Taste of Country of the track. “But really, BK and I are always challenging ourselves creatively and knew that we had to record it when we first heard it.”

"Talk You Out of It" was one of the first songs Tyler and Brian released from their upcoming album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, which will be released on Feb. 15.

"It's been a blast, but it's taken a long time," Brian told PopCulture.com of making the record. "And we're so glad it took this long because we really got to spend a lot of time letting the songs kind of live out and seeing if we really did love them as much as we did, and let songs come in, continue to write. And we just really feel like we ended up with the best record we've done thus far."


Calling their new project "probably the most country record we've put out," Brian added that the full-length is "just a well rounded album, but probably headed a little more, kind of digging our '90s country roots with a little FGL flare, our direction."

Photo Credit: YouTube / Florida Georgia Line