Eric Church Pays Tribute to Soldiers Fighting for His Freedoms

Eric Church is proud to be an American, and not just on Memorial Day. The "Some of It" singer, whose grandfathers both previously served, is especially grateful for the freedom to make his music, his way, and the people who make those freedoms possible.

"It's about, especially the soldiers I come in contact with on the road," Church shared with his record label. "And not only that, to be able to make the music that I'm able to make, to say what I want to say, and that freedom to be able to do those things and to be in a country where we're able to do that and to be in a country where we're able to play that stuff on the radio. I don't think you're going to have any American argue that America isn't the best place to live, and I'm certainly one of them.

"I'm very proud to be from here and very proud that we have the soldiers," he continued. "I know there are a lot of other countries out there in the world that don't want to live the way we do, and that's fine, they can keep living the way they are, but I'm very proud of it. I think that's a time to celebrate being proud to be an American and celebrate those freedoms … and celebrate the people that are over fighting for those freedoms."

Church was brought up with a deep love for his country, thanks to his heritage.

"Both of my grandfathers were World War II veterans," the North Carolina native said. "I mean, that's something that's very rare. I'm not unique, you know. There's a lot of people out there like that that their grandfathers served. The way that I was raised was very much red, white and blue and very patriotic, and I think that it's the fact that what they give up is the real thing that's very touching to me."

Church is currently on his Double Down Tour, which plays in most cities two nights back to back.

"What I love is last time we went to Detroit, for example, and [it was] one of the best shows on the tour," Church recounted. "We played three hours, 10 or 15 minutes, and I remember that night as I was on the bus after going, 'How in the world are we gonna top this?' Well, one way to do it is do two nights and instead of three-and-a-half hours, it'll be seven hours of music, and we're just gonna stay there and make it about this spiritual, musical experience. I think that's what the last tour really taught me is there is a different level of where touring can go for us and for the fans.

"I had not experienced that in my career until the Holdin' My Own Tour," he added. "So, this, I'm hoping is a continuation on that, and we go to a place we hadn't been yet, 'cause they've already taken me places I never thought we'd get to."


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Photo Credit: Getty / David Becker