Dolly Parton's Alleged Feud With Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Debunked

Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin are longtime friends, dating back to their time filming 9 to 5. Recently, however, rumors sparked that Fonda and Lily have had a secret disdain for Parton. That speculation has since been debunked, with Suggest — via Gossip Cop — reporting that there is no evidence of any bad blood between the three iconic women.

The Globe reportedly spoke with a source who stated, "To the public, these ladies are as warm and gregarious as their hilarious 9 to 5 characters, but that's far from the truth." According to the insider, Tomlin and Fonda do not "invite [Parton] to lunch or send congratulations on her various successes." The source claimed that the ill-will between the ladies couldn't even be squashed by Parton agreeing to guest-star on Fonda and Tomlin's hit Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. "It's strictly business and for ratings and publicity," the insider alleged. "There will be no partying afterwards if Jane and Lily can help it!"

However, Suggest points to the fact that Parton is doing the guest spot at all as a reason for why the three women are likely not engaged in some hidden feud. The outlet also cited an interview that the Today show previously did with Tomlin, wherein she gushed over the possibility of Parton joining her and Fonda on their series. "We're always hoping that will happen...she's phenomenal," the actress said.

In August, Grace and Frankie sprung a big surprise on fans by dropping some brand new episodes of its final season. In a promo clip shared last month, Fonda and Tomlin announced that four Season 7 episodes are now streaming. In the announcement, Fonda and Tomlin engaged in their typical, hilarious banter that has led their show to be one of the biggest Netflix has ever produced. "As you know, we've been filming the seventh and final season of Grace and Frankie — that's the second thing! We've got to tell them the first thing," Fonda said, with Tomlin excitedly trying to interject. "If you don't stop talking, I can't tell them anything," Fonda continued.

Finally, Tomlin couldn't take it anymore and had to blurt out the news. "You've lost your chance. The first four episodes of season 7 are out now!" Tomlin said with joy. Fonda added, "But don't worry, there's plenty more to come. We just wanted to give you something special until we finish the rest of the season." According to ET Online, the remaining 12 episodes of the season will debut in 2022.