Delta Rae Release Four-Song EP, 'The Blackbird Sessions'

Delta Rae were born to sing. The six-person group, which includes three siblings, went into a studio earlier this year, presumably to record "Silent Night." But when they started singing in the famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville, with their rich harmonies and stunning vocal blend, they couldn't stop at one song.

The end result is their new four-song EP, The Blackbird Sessions, featuring not only "Silent Night," but their latest single, "No Peace in Quiet," and covers of both "Seven Bridges Road" and, appropriately, "Blackbird," written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

"The music gods were smiling on us that day," band member Eric Hölljes recalled to Music Row. "In Nashville, everything gets processed and pitched and timed and every note gets scrutinized over. With this record, we just let it fly because we wanted it to be as real as we could be. It was just us being ourselves."

"No Peace in Quiet," Delta Rae's single, from their recent A Long and Happy Life album, might be their best song to date, even if it was born from heartache.

"'No Peace in Quiet' is a ballad I wrote after going through a personal heartbreak, about not being able to find peace in being by myself," says Hölljes."We wanted a song that was a little more hopeful as a counterpoint to the sadness and heartbreak of 'No Peace in Quiet.' So we went in to record 'Silent Night.'"


Download The Blackbird Sessions on iTunes.