Country Duo Walker County Catching Attention From Kelly Clarkson Amid the Release of Their New Single 'Drag It Out' (Exclusive)

Country duo Walker County is making waves in the country music industry thanks to their talents, catching the eyes and ears of some influential names like American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Sisters Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn started their band early on in life before knowing how far they'd go. In an exclusive interview with, the sisters spoke candidly about life as sisters in business together, their new single and catching Clarkson's attention.

"We actually started the band when we were, Sophie was nine and I was 11," Ivy explained. "So we started out really young. [Our] dad was super into music, so we grew up in a very musical family." During their family vacations, their dad would take them to Nashville, Tennessee, the hub for country music, to perform on the street. "We made like $10 bucks, we were on fourth and Broadway. Dad said, 'Girls, if you want, you guys love to sing, let's learn an hour's worth of songs, come back down to Nashville and street perform again, and you girls can split the money and it'll just be like a fun trip for the family,'" she continued.

The rest is history for the Indiana natives. Now living in Nashville, the girls have made quite a name for themselves in the music industry. Naturally, it's assumed that two sisters going into business together may be an iffy idea, and while they admit they do bicker, Sophie says they get over their differences quickly. "We bicker constantly," the drummer confessed. "[...] But no, me and Ivy, we get over it really fast, we're very forgiving which is great. So we'll have our little bicker moments — usually about clothes or hair or makeup [...]," but noted it doesn't take long before they're back on good terms again.

The sisters recently released their single "Shovel" in September, to then drop their latest single "Drag It Out" one month later. This was around the same time Clarkson admitted she went down a "rabbit hole" on YouTube after she discovered Walker County. Naturally, both Ivy and Sophie were flattered.


"I was crying," Ivy said when she realized what Clarkson had pushed out to Twitter. Sophie then added, "I just started crying. I was like, are you kidding me? It was just so crazy to think that, I mean, that was just so nice too [...] women supporting women." She continued to say that it was pure "shock" for both of them because they remember watching Clarkson on American Idol and have loved her music since.

Currently, they have a busy schedule ahead. They'll film their music video for "Drag It Out" soon and continue working on new music. The ladies are thrilled because they anticipate getting their music to radio starting next year and are anxiously awaiting that opportunity. For more on your favorite country music artists, keep it right here at